Besides education and services, the University of Antwerp's core tasks also include scientific research. A university's reputation is founded on the quality and quantity of its research, and the importance of this aspect looks set to increase in the future.

Our researchers can count on us

Every day, we work towards developing an effective research policy in cooperation with the Department of Research Affairs and Innovation. Our staff members provide assistance to the University of Antwerp's researchers in various ways. They help find suitable sources of funding, both internal and external, and means of valorising researchers' findings.  They also organise quality assurance processes for research conducted at our university and are responsible for a variety of legal aspects (contract follow-up, intellectual property rights, etc.).

A bridge between the university and the outside world

The Department of Research Affairs and Innovation is not only there for all of the University of Antwerp's researchers: it is also important for the outside world. Businesses or organisations searching for specific expertise or wishing to collaborate with the university can contact the staff in the Interface service. As a result, the Department of Research Affairs and Innovation serves as a bridge between the outside world and our researchers.

How is the department organised?

The Department of Research Affairs and Innovation integrates these units:

  • Grants Office 
  • Valorisation Office 
  • Research Affairs Unit 
  • Antwerp Doctoral School

On behalf of the Antwerp University Association, the department also works with the Expertise Centre for Research and Development Monitoring (ECOOM-Antwerp).


Department of Research Affairs and Innovation
+32 3 265 30 02
Campus Middelheim, Building A
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerpen, Belgium