The Finance Department coordinates all financial matters at the university. The department is responsible for all financial and budgetary operations at the university and for the administrative follow-up of these tasks.

The Finance Department consists of three main services:

1. Management Support Service
2. Financial Operations Service
3. Purchasing Office

Management Support Service

The service's name is self-explanatory: we provide support to the university's management team in leading the organisation. Our aim is to improve the organisation's operations on a continuous and long-lasting basis. Our service performs a wide range of tasks:


We are responsible for drawing up the budget and for all costing. When new regulations come into force, we analyse their financial impact. We are also responsible for developing and monitoring the allocation model, which is used to distribute financial resources fairly among the university's various departments. Finally, we also draw up internal and external policy reports, such as the university's annual accounts and annual report.

Financial Operations Service

The Financial Operations Service is responsible for the management and implementation of basic financial processes and operations, campus reporting and both centralised and decentralised services. The service is itself divided into four separate departments:

  • The General Accounting Department:
    This department is responsible for general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable and the purchasing office.
  • Third-Party Work Department:
    The Third-Party Work Department is in charge of following up research programmes (projects) and other activities which are carried out either for or with third parties
  • Budget Control Department:
    The Budget Control Department is in charge of developing and following up the budgets for the Operations, Investments, Social Facilities and Assets divisions.  This department is also responsible for reporting campus budget follow-up.
  • Tax Department:

The Tax Department sees to it that the correct tax legislation - whether corporate or personal - is applied to the field in question. This department is also in charge of ensuring that VAT regulations are conformed to.

The Purchasing Office

The Purchasing Office does much more than fill out purchase orders. It is gradually becoming a strategic service which can make savings by obtaining the best prices and terms for the entire university. The service functions as an intermediary between the market and the end user, providing the necessary input in terms of content in a complex legal framework.