When an employee of the University of Antwerp shares a folder or a file with you via OneDrive you will receive an e-mail message about this. To open the content you were sent, click on the blue Open button.

On the web page that is then opened, enter the e-mail address on which you received the e-mail. Then click Continue and a verification code will be sent to this e-mail address.

This verification code then copies and pastes in the Enter code field, then click on Verify. After this, the folder or file that our employee has shared with you will open in the browser.

The sending address of this type of e-mail message is always the name of the employee who wants to share files with you. However, the actual e-mail address is always no-reply@sharepointonline.com. If you receive these messages in your spam folder, you can add this e-mail address to the trusted senders of your e-mail program. Contact your local helpdesk or IT support staff for help in doing so.