You are not a UAntwerpen staff member, but you want to participate in an online meeting at the University of Antwerp? Here we explain you how this can be achieved.​

Skype for Business: web app

Skype for Business works, for participants in meetings without a UAntwerp account, with the Skype for Business web app.

  • The first time you participate in one of our meetings you need to install this small plug-in on your PC. Next time, you can sign up faster. That is why, when using Skype for Business for the first time, we recommend that you complete these steps well in advance of the meeting's start time.
  • Before the meeting starts, open the e-mail message with the invitation to the online meeting and click on Join Skype Meeting:
Skype for business


  • If you then get to see this screen, click on Participate via Skype for Business Web App (you can first cancel the login screen):
    Skype voor bedrijven web app


  • On the following screen, click on Plug-in for Skype for Business Web App if this plugin has not been previously installed on your device. If it is already installed on your computer, you can skip this step. If you are not sure, click the install link again to install the Web App anyway.
    Skype voor bedrijven


  • You will see a screen appear with a status bar, which disappears after the installation. After this you simply click on the green button Participate in the meeting.
    Windows 10 may first show you this box where you click Yes:
    skype voor bedrijven


  • If you see a login window, click on Cancel.
    On the screen shown below, click on the white button Sign in as a guest to the meeting:
    aanmelden vergadering


  • Then enter your name and click on the green button Participate in the meeting:
    Skype for business


  • Allow the plug-in for Skype for Business Web App to use audio and video:
    audio en video Skype voor bedrijven

    We wish you a productive and successful meeting!