On this page you can find more information on passwords for personnel accounts at the University of Antwerp. More extensive information can be found on Pintra at the ICT department.

Policy and annual change

Your UAntwerp password grants you access to various ICT facilities of the University of Antwerp. Therefore, be aware of the confidentiality of this password. Never give it to others and change it immediately if you suspect that someone knows it.

The password policy for accounts within the University of Antwerp consists of the following principles:

  • An annual password change is mandatory
  • When setting a new password, a check is made as to whether the newly chosen password is sufficiently strong; only a sufficiently strong password is accepted
  • When changing, there must be no reuse of the last 10 passwords

As the annual change date approaches, you will receive an e-mail from password-expiry@uantwerpen.be. Then go to the Password Site to do the necessary

Password change

If you know your current password and want to change it, you can do so via the Password Site.

Check the password requirements
When you set a new password, first check the conditions that passwords must fulfil within the university. This way, changing your password will go smoothly.

Be self-relient
If you do not remember your password after the change or your account has been blocked because you have made too many incorrect login attempts, make sure you are self-sufficient! Before changing your password, enter your private e-mail address and mobile phone number on the Password site. More information can be found on this page.

Be patient
Some applications will take some time to process the password change. It is possible that you will not be able to use your new password everywhere right away. Do not panic. To limit this time, it is best to change your password from the on-campus network or connect to the VPN if you work elsewhere.


  1. Go to the Password Site. Log in with your UAntwerpen account and click on "Change password".
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. Enter your old password and your new password twice. Then confirm by clicking on "Change Password".

More information can be found on Pintra.

Have you forgotten your current password?
Please check the "No more access to your account" section on this page.

Password requirements

Below, the password requirements within the University of Antwerp are briefly explained:

  • ​A password must consist of a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 characters.
  • These characters must include upper and lower case letters, numbers and a special character.
  • Do not use accents, umlauts, circonflexes or characters such as µ, $, €, ç. These do not work well with the VPN service.
  • A password should not contain part of your full name.
  • A new password must be sufficiently different from your previous passwords.
  • The password must not be too weak.
  • Never use your UAntwerp password for other applications than those linked to your UAntwerp account.


  • ​Use a passphrase instead of a password. An example of such a sentence is: This is a Xtreme long p@ssword, but it works!
  • A good password is easy to remember but hard for a computer to guess.
  • A good password is also difficult to guess by others. Don't use terms you use a lot on social media. For example, if you are a heavy metal fan, heavy metal terms like guitar brands are easy to guess.

Can't access your account anymore?

If you suspect that your password has been broken, try to reset it immediately. If this is not possible via the Password Site, please contact the ICT Helpdesk as soon as possible on 03 265 48 08 or via helpdesk@uantwerpen.be.

Set a new password
You can have a password reset e-mail sent to your private e-mail address.


  1. ​Go to the Password Site and click on "Click here to reset your password".
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. The e-mail or SMS is sent to the private e-mail address or mobile phone number that you have previously entered on the Password Site.
  3. Enter the verification code you have just received on the website. Again, follow the on-screen instructions to set a new password.

! This is only possible if you have previously registered your private email address on Password Site.

How to enter/change your private e-mail address and mobile phone number?
Your private e-mail address and mobile phone number must be entered in advance on the Password Site. More information can be found here.

Is this not possible?
If you have never entered your private data on the Password Site before, this will not work. In that case please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 03 265 48 08 or at helpdesk@uantwerpen.be. They will do what is necessary to help you.