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The University of Antwerp library is more than just a storage space for books: it is a space where knowledge, the pleasures of reading and social contact are key. The library exceeds its traditional function by adapting what it has to offer to a wider audience, by helping visitors with tricky research and by offering students a place to study in peace.

Specialist literature of the highest quality

The University of Antwerp library has a collection of first-rate specialist literature for every field of knowledge. Each campus has its own library, specialising in a specific field of study.

  • The Biomedical library is located on Campus Drie Eiken
  • The Exact Sciences library is located on Campus Groenenborger
  • The Mathematics and Computer Science library is located on Campus Middelheim

The pride and joy of the University of Antwerp library is the Human and Social Sciences library on the Stadscampus. The modern building on Prinsstraat is not only an architectural attraction, but also an ideal location to study and collect the materials needed to write a dissertation. Everything is within reach there.

Treasures from the past

The University of Antwerp library is both a contemporary scientific institute and a repository of valuable and historical collections. Its origins date back to the library collection of the former Sint-Ignatius Handelshogeschool, or College of Commerce, which was founded in 1852. The collection was later extended by means of gifts and purchases at auctions and antique shops. If you want to find out more about our heritage, come along to the Preciosa reading room in the Human and Social Sciences library on the Stadscampus.

The library is completely up-to-date

Visitors with a University of Antwerp account can use our computers for free on every campus. Hundreds of databases are accessible through the network, allowing you to find the codex, dictionary or doctoral dissertation you are looking for.  Electronic magazines, e-books and catalogues can also be consulted across the whole network and all of the library buildings have wireless hotspots.

The library is also a social meeting place

The University of Antwerp library receives approximately 900 000 visitors every year. Visitors mainly come to use the library as a space for study, though they also come to browse through the various collections, surf the Internet or the read the newspaper. The library is not meant only for students: everyone is welcome. School groups can get to know the wonderful world of the library during guided tours.

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Library Department Stadscampus
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen
Tel. +32 3 265 44 34