The Culture Service is an accessible partner that can point you in the right direction in the cultural landscape both within and beyond the university's walls. Our aim is to enhance the cultural participation of our students and staff and contribute to their cultural experiences. We are convinced that cultural experiences enrich the lives of students and staff members alike, making them stronger and fostering ties throughout the faculties and university colleges.

Culture on the agenda

Bringing culture closer to staff and students: that is the mission of the University of Antwerp's Culture Service.

The Culture Service organises a range of workshops in cooperation with KAVKA. Students can enjoy a 20% discount when they sign up. For more information and to sign up, go to

We also organise lots of activities ourselves which explore all aspects of culture. Those who love music can attend the library concerts. In addition, we provide financial support to exhibitions and art projects such as In situ, which sees In situ students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts exhibiting their work on the university's campuses.

For foodies, there is the annual Cookbook featuring recipes from the university's students and staff. And finally, we also help organise Studay, the annual festival which kicks off the new academic year.

A treat for the eyes and ears

Students who enjoy singing can join the Amahoro university choir. The choir meets every week to sing a very wide variety of songs, ranging from traditional folk songs to contemporary classics.

Film lovers should check out The Moving Picture Show, a film project whose aim is to make both well-known and more obscure classic films more accessible. Every Tuesday evening throughout the second semester, two films are shown free of charge between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the University of Antwerp's Stadscampus.

Culture in the spotlight

Developing new initiatives and partnerships is one of our fortes. We coordinate activities organised by the various cultural stakeholders and initiatives at the University of Antwerp and communicate them to the outside world. The Culture Service also helps shape the university's structured and systematic events policy, as well as trying to continuously enrich the cultural aspect of this policy.

To keep students and staff informed about the range of cultural activities on offer, we send out a monthly newsletter that includes cultural tips and information about workshops and exhibitions. We make sure there's something for everyone, so we can all get a taste of the cultural life of our city and its university.


Culture Commission
+32 3 265 24 96
Campus Drie Eiken, Building G
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk, Belgium