1. Central level

  • The rector is the university's highest academic official and he or she represents the university academically.
  • Central governing bodies
    • the Board of Governors
    • the Executive Board
    • the Board of Administration
  • Central advisory bodies
    • the Council of Deans
    • the Education Board
    • the Research Board
    • the Academic Council for Service to Society
    • the Council of the Industrial Research Fund
    • the Student Council
    • the Stuvo Council
    • the Audit Committee

2. Intermediate level

3. Educational Commissions

Each faculty establishes an educational commission for the programmes or clusters of associated programmes it is responsible for, whether at either intermediary or decentralised level, alongside its departments.

4. Decentralised level

  • The department as an administrative unit in a faculty, including at least one Departmental Board and a Chair
  • The academic units within a faculty
    • Subjects
    • Research units
  • Interfaculty administrative and academic units