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Board of Services to the University and the Community

”Service to society” covers the university’s internal and external service processes under the academic supervision of the Board of Services to the University and the Community. Through its policy on external ‘service to society’, the board attempts to bridge the gap between the university and society.

The board makes services to society strong, efficient, transparent and visible, in collaboration with for the University’s education,research and faculty policies. This allows the University of Antwerp to clearly position itself within its well-developed social, economic and cultural environment.

The Board of Services to the University and the Community is in charge of the academic direction of the university’s policies on the following fields of service to society:

  • diversity and equal opportunities
  • identity and mission
  • continuing education
  • corporate social responsibility
  • strategic networking
  • social, cultural and student services

A steering committee has been founded for each of these areas. The steering committees function like mini-think tanks. They do not have a decision-making nor operational role but are expected to stimulate and reflect on the respective University policies concerned.

Bureau of the Academic Council for Service to Society

The Bureau of the Council for Service to Society consists of the Council’s chair, the two vice-chairs and the heads of the administrative departments concerned with service to society.

The bureau prepares the Council meetings. In turn, the Council can delegate some of its tasks to the bureau.