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Infrastructure Department

People really spend their lives in the University of Antwerp's many buildings. Every day, thousands of students and staff take their places in our lecture halls, at their desks and behind the microscopes in our labs. The Infrastructure Department manages the university's buildings and takes care of all the equipment. We also coordinate the important extensions that are due to take place in the coming years.

Operation Outer Campus

In recent years, the University of Antwerp has seen significant growth in student numbers, research grants and PhDs. But expansion calls for more space. Especially in view of the integration of the university colleges that is now underway, some new infrastructure is inevitably needed and a series of important, large-scale operations on the outer campuses are planned for the years to come. A look at 'Operation Outer Campus'

     By the end of 2013, the departments of Infrastructure, ICT, Environment and Prevention and Protection at Work will have been rehoused in Building I. There will be room for about 100 workstations. The new complex will also include four meeting rooms, a teleconference room and a server room. In a few years, Campus Middelheim will also get a new restaurant for students and academic personnel.
    Campus Groenenborger will soon be home to the new Building Z, which will become the new headquarters of the Faculty of Applied Engineering. The building will include laboratories, research spaces, construction workrooms, computer rooms and offices.
    In the coming years, many transformations are due to take place on Campus Drie Eiken in Wilrijk. Besides the renovation of the four existing blocks, a new building for education will be constructed: Building O. This building will house eight auditoria, two microscopy rooms, a laboratory, a bioroom and a reprography office for copying and printing. The complex will be used by multiple faculties. This campus will also get new student accommodation, though this will be a few years in the making.

The construction activities will be planned to coincide with a huge moving operation and once this process is complete, Campus Drie Eiken will truly be able to call itself the life sciences campus. It will be home to pharmaceutical, medical, biomedical and veterinary sciences and of course the close links with the nearby University Hospital will also be maintained.

Looking for a room?

Are you organising a lecture, debate evening or conference? Looking for a suitable location?  The university has a range of rooms and auditoria which provide the ideal setting for these activities. The rooms can be booked by both internal members of staff and external members of the public. Information about the booking procedure can be found here.

Keeping an eye on things

Each campus has a caretaker to keep an eye on things. He or she is responsible for watching over the buildings and their surroundings and for keeping unwanted visitors and illegal dumping at bay. Contact details for each of the campuses' various caretakers can be found here.


Infrastructure Departement Campus Middelheim, Building A
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerp
Tel. +32 3 265 35 66