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Building projects on the outer campuses

The University of Antwerp is continuously evolving. This evolution means that certain large-scale infrastructure projects are necessary. In recent years, the university has mainly invested in the Stadscampus in the centre of Antwerp but in the years to come the emphasis will shift to the outer campuses.

A new restaurant and a new administrative building will be built on Campus Middelheim together with a campus square.

The Faculty of Applied Engineering will move to a brand-new faculty building on the neighbouring Campus Groenenborger.

The new O Building is expected to become an eye-catching feature of Campus Drie Eiken. It will contain eight auditoriums, two microscopy rooms, a room for practicals, a bio room and a reprography office.

Once all these building projects have been completed, the University of Antwerp will be even more ready to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Nieuwe o-gebouw op Campus Drie Eiken
The new O-Building on Campus Drie Eiken.