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The rector

The rector is the university's highest academic official and represents the university academically.

The Board of Governors appoints the rector for a four-year period, choosing from a list proposed by an electoral college made up of individuals from all of the university's levels.

Herman Van GoethemHerman Van Goethem  

Prof Herman Van Goethem, lawyer and historian, started as the new rector of the University of Antwerp on 1 October 2016. His term of office will run until 2020. He is the third rector to head the unified University of Antwerp after Professors Francis Van Loon and Alain Verschoren. His term of office will run until 2020.

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The rector team

Policy paper 2016 - 2020

The University of Antwerp in 2016-2020. Outlines for innovative policy (pdf, 554 kB)