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Vegetable bags

Choose organic fruit and veg thanks to the weekly supply of vegetable bags. Now you can make sure you always have organic products at home by picking them up - very conveniently - on your own campus.

Looking for your daily amount of vitamins at work? Your office or department can easily order a bag of fruit or vegetables by mentioning your budgetcode on the order site.  Don't forget to fill in the form 'interne verboeking' and to send it to . Our Environmental office will take care of the payment.

New starting from May 2018: have fresh bread delivered every week
It’s now possible to order bread along with your weekly vegetable bag. As with the vegetables, what you get is a surprise, but it’s always a sourdough loaf weighing 1 kg for 4,50 €. Keeps for up to five days and you can freeze it, too.



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