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Road works: overview

Overview of the road works in and around Antwerp.
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Stadscampus en Campus Mutsaard

The 'Leien' are closed for roadworks. It will be difficult to reach Stadscampus and Campus Mutsaard by car. Please consult the maps on (in Dutch) for the easiest route.

Campus Drie Eiken

Roadworks will cause traffic disruptions from 13 November 2017 until October 2018 in the section of Drie Eikenstraat between the E19 and Prins Boudewijnlaan (in the direction of Edegem). Traffic will be diverted.
The E19 exit to UZA and Campus Drie Eiken will not be affected. Works are also scheduled in Wilrijk and Kontich.


  • When: from 13 November 2017
  • Where: Drie Eikenstraat, from the intersection with Prins Boudewijnlaan to the bridge of the E19.
  • These roadworks will have a substantial impact on traffic to and from the University Hospital (UZA). Find out more about the traffic diversions here.

By car
Drie Eikenstraat will become a one-way street from Prins Boudewijnlaan to the bridge of the E19. Cars can only drive from UZA to Edegem. The service exits of the E19 to UZA will remain open in both directions.

Cyclists may not use this road, they must follow a separate diversion (see below).

Follow one of the two possible diversions.

Northern diversion via R11 and Wilrijk

Road works UZA

Southern diversion via Groeningenlei and Kontich

Road works UZA

By bike
The construction site is unsafe for cyclists. That is why bike traffic in Drie Eikenstraat is forbidden in both directions in the section between Prins Boudewijnlaan and the E19. 
Follow the separate diversion for cyclists. 

Road Works UZA by bike

By bus
The bus services of De Lijn will also be disrupted. Buses 130/131/135/140/141 will have temporary stops near the bridge of the E19 and Renaat de Rudderlaan in the direction of the centre. The buses will be diverted in the other direction. You can find the most up-to-date information at  


Zone 3: late February 2018 – 6 July 2018

  • Works on the section of Edegemsesteenweg between Helenaveldstraat and Edgard Tinellaan, including the section of De Villermontstraat near the park on Edegemsesteenweg.