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Road works: overview

Overview of the road works in and around Antwerp.
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Stadscampus en Campus Mutsaard

The 'Leien' are closed for roadworks. It will be difficult to reach Stadscampus and Campus Mutsaard by car. Please consult the maps on (in Dutch) for the easiest route.

Campus Drie Eiken

Drie Eikenstraat: road works between Strijderstraat and Prins Boudewijnlaan
From 26 November 2018 important road works will start in the Drie Eikenstraat between Strijdersstraat and Prins Boudewijnlaan. 

Campus Groenenborger

From 19 November 2018 a new phase of the works between Rucaplein and Beukenlaan will start. From then on it will be impossible to drive over the Groenenborgerlaan, coming from Berchem in the direction of Wilrijk. The roundabout remains accessible (buses to and from Campus Middelheim can continue to cross the Groenenborgerlaan).