Course description

This personal development course aims to help you become more effective in your PhD project. We'll discuss how to set good goals and achieve them, how to improve your interaction, how to get the most out of the people that you work with, and how to best manage your time and the risks in your project. Along the way, you will gain important insights into your personality, your personal strengths, and your pitfalls. For a full overview of the subjects refer to the course contents below.

In four sessions, this course explores a rich variety of complementary subjects:

  • ​​Session 1
    • Learn to apply the scientific guidelines to set better goals;
    • Identify the goals in your work and increase their effectiveness;
    • Discover the qualities and principles that you consider to be important, and their impact on your behaviour and your motivation
  • Session 2
    • Establish what drives and motivates you in your work and in the pursuit of your goals;
    • Analyze your behavioral strenghts, learn how to apply these optimally and discover how they affect your collaboration with others
  • Session 3
    • Identify your personal skills and find out how to effectively develop new and existing skills;
    • Learn how to get more useful, helpful feedback from the people in your work environment
  • Session 4
    • Use practical time management strategies to get more out of your limited time each day;
    • Identify possible threats to your project and learn the strategies to deal with them

Course objectives

After this course, you will:

  • Have required a valuable set of tools that will serve you in your work, such as the ability to set clear and effective goals, to keep developing your skills, and to better manage your time and risk;
  • Have a clear sense of your drivers, strengths and skills, guiding your future (career) choices;
  • Be more proficient in how to coorperate with people and how you interact with them in order to get things done and to attain your goals.

Practical Information

Dates and location:

Course 1: 4 half days:

23 Nov. 2022
 30 Nov. 2022
7 Dec. 2022
14 Dec. 2022


Michiel Jongerden and Jacques Jongerden (Exergy Training)

Language of the course:



This course counts for 2,4 points


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