To make clear, in a short but powerful way, what your research is all about…. Not a simple task, especially when your audience has very little prior knowledge on the subject! However, this is exactly what newspapers, newscasts and radio broadcasts are looking for. Furthermore it could help you introduce colleagues with different expertise to matters long familiar by you. Or maybe you would just like a little extra practice on giving a clear and effective presentation on a complex subject?

Through a presentation and writing contest titled PRESS>SPEAK we are challenging young scientists to make their first steps towards a broad but intimate audience consisting of colleagues, family, friends and fans.


Do you want to translate your research into a wide audience? Mail to They will keep you informed of the next edition (spring 2019).



PRESS>SPEAK>Inspire offers to all UAntwerp scientists a networking and inspiration opportunity to acquire new insights and ideas for engaging in science communication. Experienced professors as well as young PhD students can participate and  be inspired with regard to science communication, guided by peer counselors and experts from in- and outside the university walls.



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