Transport Modelling

4 November to 15 November 2019

Transport Modelling Specialisation Course C-MATThe course on Transport Modelling is developed to familiarize students with a number of modelling and forecasting techniques that are key to research in transport economics.

In this course, the perspectives of the software engineer and the transport economist will be matched. Transport economists understand the problem they want to study and have an idea about what they need from models, but they are not always up-to-date with the possibilities in other fields such as engineering and vice versa.

Guest lectures of high-level scientists specializing in one or more of the above-mentioned topics are included in this course.  

Guest speakers 2019:

  • Gerard de Jong (University of Leeds/Significance
  • Tomas Ambra (Free University of Brussels)
  • Jeroen Pruyn (DUT)
  • Michiel de Bok (DUT)
  • Toon Zijlstra (KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis)
  • Bilge Atasoy (DUT)
  • Bart Braem (University of Antwerp)

Former guest speakers: Alex Van Steenbergen (Federal Planning Bureau), Kenneth Sörensen (University of Antwerp), Steven Lattré (University of Antwerp), Franziska Kupfer (University of Antwerp), Lory Tavasszy (DUT), François Coppens (National Bank of Belgium), Dana Borremans (Flemish Government, KU Leuven), Pieter Van Houwe (MINT), Rudy Negerborn (DUT), Florian Arnold (University of Antwerp)

Course coordinators

Course coordinators

Evy Onghena graduated as a doctor in Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp in 2013. Her doctoral research dealt with the cost structure and the expansion and cooperation strategies of the Big Four integrators FedEx, UPS, DHL and TNT Express. As from November 2013, she is Scientific Director of the Flemish Policy Research Centre on Commodity and Passenger Flows (MOBILO). Within the research centre, policy relevant research within five research streams (ports, airports, integration of logistics chains, urban distribution and commuting) is carried out. She coordinates the research activities of the research centre. As a post-doc member of the Department TPR, she continues her scientific research in the domain of air transport economics, with a focus on air cargo economics.


Edwin van Hassel got his Masters degree in engineering  at the DUT and PhD in applied transport economics. He is interested to integrate engineering models/techniques and transport economics. From 2012 onwards he is involved in a research project with the Antwerp Port Authority. His research focuses on inland navigation transport, ports, ships and maritime technology. A special focus is on the link between maritime technology and applied transport economics and engineering modeling technics.