Activities and social events

Activities and social events

All C-MAT students can enjoy a range of official activities and events throughout the academic year, enhancing their international experience. These events help students become acquainted with the city of Antwerp and the local traditions, and include:

  • Official Opening 2019-2020
  • City of Antwerp introductory tour
  • St. Nicolas surprise
  • Christmas dinner
  • Graduation ceremony and activities
  • Happy Hour (theme: country presentations)
  • Farewell activity

Besides the official C-MAT activities, students can of course enjoy the very vibrant Antwerp student nightlife and cultural events (University and the city of Antwerp). The University of Antwerp has several specialist student associations and recreational societies, thus offering additional social opportunities (e.g. Erasmus Student Network, AIESEC). Last but not least, our students also organise their own social events, including sports teams, study groups, cooking classes

Pictures Country Presentation March 2018

Pictures Graduation June 2017

C-MAT students at International Students Get Together

Pictures Opening Ceremony 2016-2017