EAUH2020 conference postponed due to Covid-19

Dear EAUH members, dear delegates,

It is with the utmost regret that the international committee of the EAUH has decided to postpone its 15th conference of Urban History in Antwerp 2-5 September 2020 to next year 1-4 September 2021. The chronology of the current worldwide pandemic and the outbreak of Covid-19 is too unpredictable, as are the national schedules of loosening measures and lockdowns in Belgium, Europe and elsewhere. As a result, the international committee thinks, even if the circumstances would improve by August/September, that too many sessions would fail because of the uncertainty related to the outbreak and too many delegates who had intended to come to the conference will not participate. The main goals of the conference, stimulating academic debate and providing a platform for social and intellectual contacts between scholars would in these circumstances not be achieved.

We hope to welcome everybody who was intending to participate in Antwerp 2020, and keep as much of our scheduled programme unchanged. To encourage this we give all delegates who have already registered and do not request reimbursement before 1 July 2020, and by doing so automatically register for the 2021 conference, a complimentary free conference dinner. To proceed we will greatly rely on your goodwill, especially that of the session organizers and paper presenters.

We listed guidelines for session organizers, delegates, paper presenters and bursaries HERE.

Despite the circumstances, the EAUH wants to continue to provide an enthusiastic platform for the dynamic field of urban history, and it is convinced Antwerp 2021 will be a great success in this respect.


On behalf of the European Association of Urban History and the local organizing committee Antwerp 2021

Peter Stabel, chair of the EAUH