Taalmaat: decibels and concentration!

Taalmaat – a buddy project for our Dutch prep year students – kicked off again this month for the fourth time in a row. First with an info session for the language buddies, and then with a ‘speed date’ activity for the whole group.

The main aim of the kick-off event on 7 November was for the buddies to get to know each other. A surprising number of them speak a language other than Dutch at home. Many have also been abroad studying or travelling and know the difference that a local buddy can make. There are lots of sporty and creative people in the group too, which meant there were plenty of ideas for activities to do with the prep year students. All in all, it promises to be a great year for the Taalmaat buddies!

This impression was confirmed during the speed date activity: everyone got talking straight away. The participants rotated through the inner and outer circles, filling the afternoon with curious questions, lively conversations, looks of concentration and lots of laughter.

All the prep year students now have buddies who they can practise Dutch with one-to-one. The pairs were matched on the basis of their study programmes, hobbies, personal connection, and so on. It’s now full speed ahead with the Taalmaat programme: the participants will meet once a week and there will also be room for extra initiatives. Everything is possible, and there is only one rule: Dutch, Dutch, Dutch.

Want to know more about Taalmaat? Go to www.linguapolis.be/taalmaat


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