Corona measures & our language courses

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our language courses & Covid19

  1. What does "code orange" mean for the lessons on campus?
    - Under "code orange" the language lessons can still take place on campus. Contact learning in small groups will therefore remain possible.
    - Under "code orange", different rules apply to the use of face masks, depending on the type of classroom. Your language teacher will give you the necessary instructions.
    - It is only in times of "code red" that we are obliged to switch to full online learning.

    The university ensures that the lessons and the circulation on the campuses can be organised safely.
    Linguapolis and our language teachers are also doing everything they can to ensure that the language courses run optimally.
  2. Will the courses start 'normally' in October and November?
    For all courses starting in October or November, you can find the planned course organisation (on campus, online or a combination) on the webpage of the language. 
  3. What does 'online course' involve?
    In online courses, face-to-face lessons are replaced by guided distance learning. You will be guided by an experienced Linguapolis language teacher, just like in a regular course.

  4. Are there any courses planned that will definitely and completely go online?
    Yes, the following online courses are currently scheduled (in addition to those planned on Campus):
    - Dutch level 1 evening course from October to February
    - Spanish level 1 evening course from October to December
    Dutch morning courses level 1, 2, 3 and 4 from November to December

  5. What about the exams?
    All courses will end with an exam and a certificate, even if the exam takes place online. The learning objectives of the online courses are exactly the same as those of the on-campus courses. Participants will receive all the necessary information from their language teacher in good time.
  6. a. During the lockdown I continued the lessons online and for this I get a one-time corona discount for a course starting in 2020. What do I need to do to receive the discount?
    Please complete the online form in full for your new enrollment. The discount will be granted automatically.

    b. Due to the lockdown and the unforeseen online lessons I have chosen to stop my course and transfer my registration to a course starting in 2020. What do I need to do to get my transfer in order?
    Please complete the online form in full for your new enrolment. The administrative costs for the transfer will be calculated automatically. You reuse the textbooks you got in February.

  7. (only for participants studying Dutch as a Foreign Language)
    I am entitled to the 'Vlaams Opleidingsverlof, VOV'. Are my mandatory attendances okay if I take the online classes?
    Yes, they are fine.
    You only have to participate in the final exam. If you do not participate, you are not entitled to the Vlaams Opleidingsverlof.