Corona crisis: information about our language courses

Due to the corona crisis, the Linguapolis secretary’s office can only be reached by telephone and email until further notice. 

Dates are subject to change.

Thank you for your understanding.


FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our language courses & the corona crisis

  1. Will the summer courses take place in July?
    Yes, but the Dutch, French and Spanish immersion courses will be held entirely online via guided distance learning and according to an adjusted schedule. More concrete information can be found on the language pages of this website.

    Due to the corona crisis and the security measures involved, it is still not possible to organise the courses on campus (Stadscampus). We are following the policy of the University of Antwerp and switching completely to distance learning for all educational activities.
  2. Will the courses start 'normally' in September and October?
    Due to the ongoing corona crisis and its unpredictable evolution, we cannot guarantee classes to be held on campus from September or October onwards. If necessary, (part of) the lessons will also be given online next year.
  3. What does 'guided distance learning' involve?
    In online courses, face-to-face lessons are replaced by guided distance learning. You will be guided by an experienced Linguapolis language teacher, just like in a regular course.
  4. What about the exams?
    All courses will end with an exam and a certificate, even if the exam takes place online. The learning objectives of the online courses are exactly the same as those of the on-campus courses. Participants will receive all the necessary information from their language teacher in good time.
  5. What if I do not want to participate in distance learning?
    Linguapolis, and in particular our language teachers, are fully committed to making sure your course is of the best possible quality. With a lot of dedication, enthusiasm and creativity, our teachers will ensure that you can continue to learn. We would like to ask you to seize this opportunity and to dedicate yourself to your course despite the exceptional circumstances.
    Of course, we cannot force you to participate in distance learning, just as we cannot force you to attend the lessons on campus.
  6. (only for participants studying Dutch as a Foreign Language)
    I am entitled to the 'Vlaams Opleidingsverlof, VOV'. Are my mandatory attendances okay if I take the online classes?
    Yes, they are fine.
    You only have to participate in the final exam. If you do not participate, you are not entitled to the Vlaams Opleidingsverlof.
  7. (only for participants studying Dutch as a Foreign Language)
    I am taking a Dutch course with a Flemish scholarship or a city scholarship (stadsbeurs). Will I be able to get a scholarship for the next module?
    Scholarship students who want to claim the next scholarship must complete the online course and take the exam. After the exam, Atlas will consult with Linguapolis about the individual situations of scholarship students during the corona crisis. You can also contact Atlas about this yourself.