Corona crisis: information about our language courses

Due to the corona crisis, the Linguapolis secretary’s office can only be reached by telephone and email until further notice. 

For courses starting in April, May and July you can register online. Starting dates are subject to change.

Thank you for your understanding.


FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our language courses & the corona crisis

  1. Will the language courses still be organised now that no more classes can take place on campus?
    Yes, all ongoing language courses will still take place. There will be no more face-to-face classes on campus, but these classes will be replaced by digital lesson packages and distance learning. We are following the policy of the University of Antwerp and switching completely to distance learning for all educational activities until (at least) 19 April.
  2. What about the exams?‚Äč
    Exams for ongoing courses that are scheduled before 19 April will take place in a different format. Your teacher will give you more information about this.
    For exams that are scheduled after 19 April, we do not yet have an answer to this question. We will make a decision soon and (if necessary) inform participants as soon as possible.
  3. The rectors have decided that the current mode of online teaching and distance learning will be continued until the end of this semester.
    Does this also apply to Linguapolis?

    No. First of all, the university’s classes and lectures will end on 20 May followed by the final exams for which a decision has yet to be made.
    Linguapolis’ in-class lessons will take place again as soon as safety measures implemented by the government allow and the university’s class rooms are made available again.

  4. What if I do not want to participate in distance learning?
    Linguapolis, and in particular our language teachers, are fully committed to making sure your course is of the best possible quality. With a lot of dedication, enthusiasm and creativity, our teachers will ensure that you can continue to learn. We would like to ask you to seize this opportunity and to dedicate yourself to your course despite the exceptional circumstances.
    Of course, we cannot force you to participate in distance learning, just as we cannot force you to attend the lessons on campus.
  5. Can I transfer the (remaining) lessons to the next course period?
    No, this is not possible because the classes have been replaced by digital lesson packages and distance learning. In other words, the lessons have not been cancelled.
  6. Can I get (part of) the registration fee back?
    No, this is not possible because the classes have not been cancelled but replaced by digital lessons and online classes.
  7. Will the language courses which are scheduled for April, May and July still go ahead?
    All evening courses (2x/week) English and French from April to June have been cancelled.
    On 20 April, only the Spanish course level 1 (online) will start.
    The start date of the Dutch courses starting in May has been moved one week to Monday 11 May.
    This means that you can continue to register online for the Spanish level 1 course, the Dutch courses starting in May and all immersion courses in July.
    If we have to cancel or reschedule part or all of your course, you can transfer your registration to a later period or receive a full refund of your registration fee.
    Registration for courses starting in September opens on 15 June.

  8. (only for participants studying Dutch as a Foreign Language)
    I am entitled to the 'Vlaams Opleidingsverlof, VOV'. Are my mandatory attendances okay if I take the online classes?
    Yes, they are fine.
    You only have to participate in the final assessment. If you do not participate, you are not entitled to Vlaams Opleidingsverlof.
  9. (only for participants studying Dutch as a Foreign Language)
    I am taking a Dutch course with a Flemish scholarship or a city scholarship (stadsbeurs). Will I be able to get a scholarship for the next module?
    This still has to be discussed with Atlas and will largely depend on the duration of the corona crisis. We will inform the participants involved (if necessary) as soon as we have made a decision. You can also contact Atlas about this yourself.
  10. More information from the University of Antwerp concerning the corona crisis
    > Information from Herman Van Goethem, Rector of the University of Antwerp