Scholarships for refugees: you can help!

Refugees preparing to start university in Flanders

Seven refugees are currently preparing to continue their studies in Dutch. They and 30 other students are taking the Preparatory one-year programme: Dutch as a Foreign Language in an Academic Context. This one-year Dutch programme is a unique course for non-Dutch speakers who would like to study in Dutch at a Flemish university college or university. Besides language lessons that coach students through a sequence of proficiency levels, and additional subjects such as Phonetics and Culture of the Low Countries, the programme includes a wide range of cultural activities. The students are also encouraged to improve their Dutch outside the classroom. Sabine Steemans, Coordinator for Dutch, explains: “The one-year Dutch programme is very intensive, and we expect students to commit to it fully. But it is after the programme that the adventure really begins: studying in Dutch with Flemish students. The scholarships provide an important financial boost, but it’s the students themselves who do the real work.”


Scholarships for refugees

Thanks to the university, Linguapolis and generous donations from many other people, enough money was raised to cover the entire course fees for all ten refugees this year. We would like to give the same chance to as many refugees as possible next academic year. The tuition fees for the entire programme are €4,175 per student – no small amount, and no subsidies are available. Student refugees whose own resources are limited can therefore apply for a scholarship.


You can help!

Want to help us provide a scholarship for a student refugee? You can support this project by transferring your donation to bank account number BE46 7350 0799 7636 (Universiteit Antwerpen, Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerpen) with the following reference: “tax receipt – Dutch preparatory programme” or by clicking here. You are entitled to receive a tax reduction of 45% on any portion of your donation above €40. The University of Antwerp will provide you with a tax receipt.


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