Subsidies and advantages

Betaald educatief verlof

All Linguapolis Dutch as a foreign language courses qualify for Betaald educatief verlof for workers in the private sector (for information see Choose the heading Werk and then Opleiding. If you qualify, please contact the Linguapolis secretary’s office ( or +32 3 265 48 03).



The KMO-portefeuille is a measure for subsidizing Flemish SMBs and professions. Through KMO-portefeuille it is possible to get subsidies for training courses that are organised by certified service providers, such as Linguapolis (number DV.O100322). Please apply for and receive subsidies using the website:

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Training vouchers

Linguapolis can only accept training vouchers
- for Dutch courses, if a secondary school degree is your highest level of education or
- for career coaching (any language)

For more information see

Employees can apply for training vouchers from With these vouchers, you can save up to half of the registration fee for your course. If you have not received the vouchers before the start of the course, then pay the registration fee from your own pocket. As soon as you hand in the vouchers to Linguapolis, we shall refund you as quickly as possible.

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We would like to inform you about the stadsbeurs, a scholarship for Dutch language courses, subsidized by the Antwerp City Council. The conditons can be found here.
If you think you meet the requirements, please contact Atlas at


Subsidies for outgoing exchange students (Erasmus,...)

Karel de Grote- & Artesis Plantijn Univeristy College

Outgoing students from the university colleges can apply for a financial grant to take a language course in preparation of a stay abroad.

For detailed information on the rates and conditions, go in advance to the International Relations Office of your University College:


UAntwerpen Plus Pass

Linguapolis students can obtain a UAntwerpen Plus Pass for €25. The UAntwerpen Plus Pass gives you one-year access to the sports and cultural activities on offer at the University of Antwerp and associated colleges.

Linguapolis students can register at Further instructions can be found on the website.


Course subsidy  through your joint committee

As employee you can ask for a course subsidy through your joint committee. The joint committee for employees, CEVORA (ANPCB or PC218) for example, provides up to 100 euros financial support annually, regardless of the amount of courses taken. For more information:

Are you a member of another joint committee? Go to to find out more or contact your company’s human resources office.



Employees in the Flemish public sector can apply for educational leave (Vormingsverlof). For more information see:


Linguapolis Tel. +32 3 265 48 03