Looking for help writing a particular type of text? The Linguapolis language coaches can help you write better texts with lots of practical tips and individual feedback. We specialise mainly in academic writing in English, but other types of text (e.g. reports, web content, news articles) and other languages are also possible.

After a personal intake interview, the language coach will first make a thorough needs analysis based on a representative sample of your own writing. During a series of short coaching sessions, you will work together to address the typical writing problems she has identified in your text. The tips, exercises and explanations she gives will help you learn to solve your own typical problems.

Some of the skills and topics that are covered during the coaching sessions:

  • text structure: what’s the best way to organise a sentence, a paragraph and an entire text?
  • style and word choice: which words should be avoided in which contexts?
  • grammar: how can you improve the correctness of your language?
  • fact or fiction: is it really wrong or just your supervisor’s personal preference?
  • developing your own writing skills: what else can you do to make your texts even better?

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us to ask a question or schedule an intake interview.

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