Writing skills: coaching for PhD students

First of all, we make a distinction between PhD students who have already taken a Linguapolis course in Academic Writing and those who haven’t. PhD students who haven’t taken a course will first get a 3-hour session in which the basic principles of academic writing are presented. To ensure the best possible results for students, these sessions are taught on a one-to-one basis.

Next, the PhD student will be asked to hand in a representative section of the dissertation or scientific publication they are working on. An experienced Linguapolis proofreader/teacher will correct the language use, style and coherence of the text. A coaching session will follow, based on an error analysis made by the Linguapolis proofreader/teacher. In this session, the PhD student learns about their most frequent mistakes and what they need to pay attention to in the future. With the tips from the coaching session in mind, the PhD student will then improve his or her text. The final (improved) text can be discussed once more in a feedback session. 

This kind of coaching can also be offered in other languages besides English. The coaching can be paid for using Antwerp Doctoral School training credits.


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