Move vaccines faster and more efficiently thanks to the vaccination tray

The product developers of UAntwerpen are developing a "vaccination tray" to move vaccines safer, faster and more efficiently. They want to divide the tray over all vaccination points. From the hospital world, the product developers were asked whether they could focus on the transport of the corona vaccines in hospitals and vaccination centers. After all, the vaccines are currently being moved in a so-called "kidney dish", a bowl often used in the medical world. This method is not always efficient and sometimes leads to administration errors.


The researchers came up with a prototype for a "vaccination tray". According to Professor Jouke Verlinden, senior lecturer in product development, the new dish offers several advantages. “The tray provides better visual control of the correct filling of the syringes. In addition, the dishes are easily stackable, making the vaccines safer and better protected. The washable tray can organize twelve doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in a well-organized manner, which also means that the vaccines can be traced more quickly. ”

Positive result

The prototype was first tested at the OLV Hospital in Aalst. “We are very satisfied with the ease of use,” says chief physician Ignace Demeyer: “It is perfect, you can stack and transport the trays well because it is stable. The advantage is that the syringes are well secured.”The Antwerp Design Factory can produce the trays at cost price for interested healthcare organizations. “We will share the design files free of charge with manufacturers who market these trays on a not-for-profit basis,” says Professor Stijn Verwulgen, professor of product development, ahead. "We also want to share the design with friendly Fablabs around the world: the production process itself is relatively simple."

On a bigger scale

After the positive test results, the university wants to further develop the project. In this way, the tray can be applied on a larger scale and subsequently distributed over all vaccination points in Belgium. For this, the product developers are looking for additional financial support through the University Fund Antwerp.

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