Warm welcome for students from the Global South

Buddy project

Teaser (video of 1,2 min)

Studying in a new country is always a big challenge, especially in the beginning. Organizing housing, getting the papers and administration sorted out, finding your way throughout the city and at your new university campus… It’s often a stressful period. This without mentioning the whole new social network you have to build up, often not even leaving a minute of leisure time for relaxing activities.  

The University of Antwerp yearly hosts students from Asia, Africa and Latin-America. To give these incoming students a warm welcome and give them a feel of the Belgian hospitality, we are looking for (international) hosts (students and staff) at home in Belgium.

Please remark that every type of engagement is encouraged. If you have time to meet your Buddy once this is as valuable as when you have time to meet your Buddy every week.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Make a profile on our Buddy application
This allows you to give a first introduction of yourself (personal interests, hobbies, language preferences, expectations and frequency of meeting Buddy, campus…).

Step 2: Come to the Buddy Kick-Off         
On Wednesday the 2nd of October in “Zomaar een Dak”  (Prinsstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen) from 7 to 9 P.M             

Step 3: Matching
Based on your preferences, choose your match yourself in the application.


As a host you welcome an international incoming student in Antwerp. Throughout informal activities you get to know each other’s culture, practice your language skills and help make the Belgian stay an unforgettable experience!
As an international incoming student you meet local hosts, who are at home in Belgium.

For more information, contact mitte.scheldeman@uantwerpen.be