Disease with no name

In the documentary "disease with no name", we follow some community health workers during their home visits to people with HIV and Tuberculosis in a South African township. In the wake of these courageous health workers, the spectator learns more about the HIV problems in South Africa and the challenges involved, such as the widespread stigma.

It is now 4 years ago that Caroline Masquillier met, followed and interviewed several community health workers as part of her doctoral research (Sociology - UAntwerpen).

The deep impression these women have left and the fact that they will become even more important in South African health care in the future, makes Caroline want to meet them again at all costs and highlight their important, hard and often even dangerous work. The community health workers are the guides in this township and in this documentary. In the wake of these courageous women, the spectator learns more about the HIV problems in South Africa and the challenges involved.

The camera follows some of these women during their daily patient rounds, but just as well in their daily lives at home.

The film is followed by a discussion with Caroline Masquillier and other speakers, in which the HIV problem is framed globally and in a local context.

  • Janet A Pauwels, HIV activist
  • Alexis Andries, Dokters van de wereld
  • Caroline Masquillier, researcher at the University of Antwerp

Entrance fee: 5€
The evening is accessible in both Dutch and English. Subtitles and interpreters will be provided.

The Zuidcafé is an initiative of Oxfam-Wereldwinkels, 11.11.11 and Broederlijk Delen in collaboration with Mo*Magazine and De Roma.
This edition is a collaboration with USOS, AUHA and Field, with the support of Global Minds.


De Roma
Tuesday March 31 - 20h
(doors open at 19h15)
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