Low impact cooking track (track in English)

Our diet has a major impact on our environment and climate. Nevertheless, each of us can influence this impact through small adjustments: vegan, zero waste and experimental. These are the key words around which we will work at the weekend. Our cooking process gives you various tools, methods and recipes that you can also work with at home or in a room.

The course focuses on experimenting and trying. You will learn to make different combinations of herbs, tips and tricks to use leftovers in the kitchen and maybe even new vegetable recipes.

Enthusiasm and openness are more important than knowledge. Since there is a lot of room to experiment, all cooking levels can participate. Our workshop organizers open our expertise to you, to help you get the most out of this track.


At Wowfood we believe in a positive, creative approach to make our world more sustainable. The goal of our cooking collective is to reduce food waste at a local level. We do this by informing the public, raising awareness and offering solutions to change habits.