Polarisatie en conflict in het Vlaamse klimaatdebat

Traject in het Nederlands

Belgian climate policy has been stirring up emotions for some time now. On the one hand, the call for an ambitious climate policy sounds louder than ever; on the other hand, this green agenda also arouses mistrust and sometimes fierce opposition. Where does this mistrust come from? How does it lead to polarisation? Is this tendency towards polarisation necessarily negative or does it also offer opportunities? What role does the current economic and political climate play in this?

First, we give the floor to someone from academia to gain insight into the polarization and politicization of the Flemish climate debate. After that, two practitioners will be heard, to gain insight into different visions of the climate debate and climate policy. We invite both a grassroots activist/researcher to speak as well as a representative of business. Finally, we deal with a case study to see how the knowledge acquired over the weekend can be put into practice and in what form the ideas discussed emerge in a concrete local context.

Throughout the weekend, we give room for interaction and debate. If you want to develop or further substantiate your opinion around this theme, this track is for you!

Arbeid & Milieu

Arbeid & Milieu vzw is a recognized thematic environmental organization that wants to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, participative and socially just society. To this end, we work together with various partners from the environmental movement, trade unions & civil society. Its activities focus on pooling experiences and knowledge, disseminating them and carrying out projects and campaigns, linking social and ecological issues to the theme of employment.