USOS meeting Royalty

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), let's do it!

Ondernemers voor Ondernemers invited USOS at a seminar on Sustainable Development Goals. The Queen of Belgium was also invited and demanded the participation of student organisations.

Student representative Lore Geenen talked with the Queen about her exposure trip to Morocco. The Queen, who went on an exposure herself for a month in a slum in Cairo, listened carefully and encouraged USOS' work.

USOS participated in a panel about the engagement of students in the SDGs. Moderator Freddy De Mulder, former Managing Director for General Motors Benelux, recapitulated what he learned from USOS in his summarizing speach: "an exposure trip to the Global South is a point of no return, it has an ongoing impact on world citizenship". Thank you Freddy for these warm words!

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