27th AEIMS Congress

The cutting edge of medical art

27th European Congress of the Association Européene des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques (AEIMS).

The congress was hosted by Biological and Medical Art Belgium (BIOMAB) at the University of Antwerp, 12-13 October 2018.

At that year’s congress, we had an exciting programme with the emphasis on Surgical and Dissection Skills with some promising presentations and workshops.

Student scientific illustrators were especially encouraged to bring their portfolios and present their artwork during the portfolio discussions, as well as during the breaks in between activities.

It was a tradition for the yearly AEIMS Meeting to organize a Salon of student and professional artwork to display and to share what we all had been creating. We invited you all (students and professionals) to submit your artwork for the exhibition digitally. We will take care of the printing.

Continuing last year’s AEIMS congress, we featured a silent auction of the artwork that is submitted for the exhibition. Furthermore, an AEIMS prize for best entry to the exhibition was awarded to one student and one professional.

Join us at #AEIMS18 in Antwerp – packed full of spotlight and educational sessions, social networking events and workshops focused on Surgical and Dissection Skills. More news on the AEIMS and BIOMAB Websites. So keep a close eye on our websites!

Pascale Pollier-Green, President AEIMS

Francis Van Glabbeek, UAntwerp FGGW, President BIOMAB

Ann Van de Velde, UAntwerp FGGW, BIOMAB