Friday - 24th of March

Location: room S.R.112 (Rodestraat 14, Antwerp, first floor) and online (all times are in CET)

Welcome and coffee

Paper session 1 - Foundational Topics

Collective Action and Collective Responsibility: Bad Concepts and Practical Dangers - Jason Day (University of Fribourg) and Sharon Casu (University of Fribourg)
Foundations of a Logic of Collective Responsibility - Stef Frijters (KU Leuven, Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science)
Security under Anarchy? - Lewis Ross (London School of Economics)
Short break

Paper session 2 - Historical Authors
The Birth of Panarchism. Voluntary Trans-Territorial States and Collective Responsibility in the Works of Gustave de Molinari and Paul Émile de Puydt - Davide Saracino (University of Milan)
Kropotkin and Senses of Moral Responsibility - Michael Th. Grooff (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Lunch break
Panel - Criminality and Anarchism: normative implications of an unspoken intimacy - whatwaswound (Yorgos, Catrinel & Aristotelis)
  • ​Thou Shalt Lie: Lying as Collective Responsibility - From Black Radical Thought to the Conspiracist Manifesto
  • Stealing is a moral imperative of the oppressed class
  • Medeas are right
Short break

Paper session 3 - Care, Ethics and Health
Undercommoning anthrogenesis: Fugitive anarcho-abolitionist futures for reproductive justice Abortion Network Amsterdam
Mutual aid in data-driven medicine: musings on the overlooked role of anarchist thinking in bioethics - Michiel De Proost (Ghent University, Bioethics Institute Ghent)
Anarchist decentralization and public health ethics theorizing - Ioannis Drougkakis (independent scholar) - online
Short break

Paper session 4 - Climate Change
Eco-Anarchism, Collective Responsibility, and Freedom - Jeffery Nicholas (Providence College) - online
Where is the urgency? The Western position in dire global climate change - Anarcha (the Post Office Distro)
Closing of day 1​​

Saturday - 25th of March

Location: S.C.001&S.C.002 (Prinsstraat 13, Antwerpen, ground floor)

Start of the day: 10:00

Small changes to the schedule are still possible. 
Unless noted otherwise, sessions take place in room S.C.001. 
Note to the online participants: only the sessions marked with an * will be available online. All times are in CET

All day: distro's with zines and books​​

Welcome and coffee
(The talk 'Responsibility of the Self and the Other in 19th and early 20th century anarchist music' was cancelled due to illness.) 
Introduction - Emma Moormann
The relevance of the historical Platformist debate for anarchist organizing today* - Tommy Ryan & Emma Moormann 
Short break
Proudhon's anarchism: collective force, freedom and responsibility* 
Introduction round - an opportunity for organizations and individuals to introduce themselves and present what they are working on
A great way to know who you want to talk to during the lunch break
Lunch (vegan)
Room S.C.001: How to make a worker's solidarity collective work? - Vloerwerk
(The parallel workshop by Anarchist campsite Appelscha has been cancelled due to illness)​
Zine workshop
We will get creative collectively, based on our questions, ideas, and experiences of today and yesterday. The session will be facilitated by experienced zine creators. You can format them already on A5, or only send a text. We will make sure your text ends up in the final zine. You can also hand in stuff during the conference in the ‘zine box.’ This can be doodles or random paintings, handwritten texts, stickers, your program booklet with annotations or whatever else you think would fit in our final zine! The zine will be multi-lingual or English. If you are joining us in Antwerp on Saturday, consider bringing along some zine-making ‘tools’ such as pencils, pens, magazines, glue and scissors.

Short break 
Ursula Le Guin on anarchism and the responsibility of choice* - Alexis  Shotwell
An interactive conversation with Alexis Shotwell on collective responsibility in Ursula Le Guin's The Day Before the Revolution and The Dispossessed
Short break + photography exhibition by Cara Judea Alhadeff
Interview: Radical Accountability through Creative-Waste Culture* - an interview with Cara Judea Alhadeff 
Dr. Alhadeff's presentation/ interview with Emma Moormann explores what it means to live our social anarchic potential in the face of interlocking hegemonies. How can we shift our epidemic of individualism from consumer convenience-culture bred entitlement to creative self-accountability that integrates profound, sustainable changes in individual behavior, community action, infrastructural design, corporate accountability, and policy reform? Ranging from education & parenting to art-making to how we live our homes, Alhadeff offers creative-waste living as an antidote to the barbarism of Western civilization.
End of the day

About the photography exhibition Epigenetic Insurgencies: Eco-Justice Anarchy as Collective Imperative
Dr. Alhadeff's corresponding projected photography exhibition explores the collision between our natural environment/ more-than-human ecosystems (worlds not mediated through industrial capitalism), the play of human creativity, and human-body vulnerability. Swallowed by nature and digested through a cinematic sense of the absurd, the models' bodies (including my own) perform collective creative risk-taking. Characters in my images become hybrids of machine and animal that populate dream-like worlds. Through a hyperbolic, carnal visual language, these polymorphic bodies engage in enigmatic ceremonies. This epigenetic potential inhabits both the domestic and the animalistic. Within my photographic work, the abject, grotesque, or disarrayed body of the other / the bisexual / unfamiliar / abject / deviant / immigrant / socially inappropriate female / “monster” is intended to dislocate predetermined categories of identification central to fossil-fuel economies of alienation and extraction.

The photographs will be projected at various moment during the afternoon in room S.C.002. Participants will be able to write down their thoughts in a notebook next to the screen. 

Does the programme interest you?

English (Nederlands onderaan)

The symposium will be a two-day event, taking place both at the University of Antwerp and online. 

Friday sessions will have a typical academic format of paper sessions consisting of presentations and discussions afterwards. The programme for the Friday has already been made. 

On Saturday there will be room for more diverse, creative and hopefully accessible ways of thinking about collective responsibility in anarchism. We especially hope to welcome many non-academics to this day. All programme elements will be interactive to some degree - ranging from interactive talks to collaborative workshops. 

This symposium is part of the ERC-project NeuroEpigenEthics (grant No 804881).


Het symposium duurt twee dagen en vindt zowel op de Universiteit Antwerpen als online plaats.

De sessies op vrijdag zullen een meer academisch formaat hebben, in de vorm van papersessies met enkele presentaties en discussies achteraf.

Op zaterdag zal er ruimte zijn voor meer diverse, creatieve en hopelijk toegankelijke manieren van denken over collectieve verantwoordelijkheid in het anarchisme. We hopen vooral ook veel niet-academici op deze dag te mogen verwelkomen. Bijdragen zullen verschillende vormen aannemen en allemaal in zekere mate interactief zijn. 

Dit symposium maakt deel uit van het ERC-project NeuroEpigenEthics (subsidie nr. 804881).