ANTWERP CALL 2014: Research Challenges in CALL
7-9 July 2014

The editor, associate editors and editorial board of the CALL Journal  (Taylor & Francis) extend a cordial invitation to attend our Antwerp CALL 2014, the XVIth International CALL Research Conference.

Programme Committee: 
Jozef Colpaert, editor of Computer Assisted Language Learning (Taylor & Francis);
Phil Hubbard, Mike Levy and Glenn Stockwell, associate editors

Scientific Committee: 
The editorial board of Computer Assisted Language Learning (Taylor & Francis)

Organizing Committee: 
Ann Aerts, Jozef Colpaert, Margret Oberhofer and Mathea Simons
LINGUAPOLIS, Institute for Language and Communication at the University of Antwerp
IOIW, Institute for Education and Information Sciences at the University of Antwerp