Conference day 2 - 7 February 2020

On the second day of the conference, you'll get the unique opportunity to obtain in-depth information on specific sex offender groups or currently relevant topics relaten to the assessment and treatment of sex offenders from leading international experts.

More specifically, you'll be able to choose 2 topics that fascinate you and/or are closely related to your field. Five topic sessions will be offered: online offenders, juvenile offenders, risk communication, case formulation, and professional self-care.


Friday 7 February 2020

  • 9.30 am
    Topic Session I
  • 10.30 am
    Coffee Break
  • 11.00 am
    Topic Session II
  • 12.00 am
    Lunch break and poster session II
  • 1.00 pm
    Klaus Vanhoutte - The loverboy method: An enigmatic entanglement between victim and exploiter
  • 2.00 pm
    Eric Beauregard - Unravelling the Sexual Homicide Offender: Implications for Practice
  •  3.00 pm
    Coffee break
  • 3.30 pm
    Hannah Merdian - Desistance from online sex offending 
  • 4.30 pm - Closing remarks​

     â€‹Kieran McCartan - Moving forward from the crossroads: The importance of translating the sexual abuse evidence into policy and practice 


Check the plenary sessions of conference day 2

  • Topic sessions

  • Hannah Merdian - Online Sex Offenders
  • Daniel Murrie - Risk Communication:  Emerging research and best practices to inform clear communication about sex offender risk
  • Leam Craig - An Etiological Approach to Sexual Offender Assessment: Case Formulation Incorporating Risk Assessment (CAFIRA)
  • Peter Yates - Sibling sexual abuse: What do we know, and what should we do?  
  • Joanne Clarke - Professional self-care

Check the topic sessions