Submission instructions

Where to submit?

The online submission form can be found here. Please note that submissions by email are not accepted.

Online Abstract Format

The new format requires a structured abstract, which includes:

  1. a concise description of the purpose of the research (20~40 words),
  2. a brief introduction of your research design, methodology or approach (35~70 words),
  3. description of your (expected) research findings (35~70 words),
  4. a short summary of the originality/contribution of your research paper (35~70 words), and
  5. a list of references that are most pertinent to your research (2~5 references).

Conference Paper Format Guide

ATRS does not set any specific format for the full papers. If you plan to publish your papers in a particular Journal, you may wish to follow that Journal’s requirements. Special issues for the Antwerp conference are still being finalized, but please visit the Special Issues web page for more details on the 2016 Special Issues.