Social Programme

Welcome Reception

Date: Wednesday, 5 July
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Venue: Felixarchief, Oude Leeuwenrui 29
Registration required before 15 June

Not far from the university lays Het Eilandje, a vibrant part of the city surrounded by old docks and warehouses. One of the largest former warehouses is The Felix build for the Compagnie Générale de Chemin de Fer. It was used for the storage of coffee, cereals, cheese, wine and tobacco. In 1985 the building came out of use. After decades of vacancy, The Felix was saved from demolition because of its majestic indoor street that connects Het Eilandje with the historic city. Today it is the home of the City Archive.


Gala Dinner

Date: Friday, 7 July
Time: 19:00
Venue: Zoo Antwerpen, Koningin Astridplein 20-26
Registration required before 15 June

Zoo Antwerpen

In the heart of Antwerp you will find one of the most interesting attractions Antwerp has to offer: Antwerp Zoo. It is the oldest animal park in the country, and one of the oldest in the world, established on 21 July 1843. The Zoo has grown from 1 hectare to a spectacular place to visit of about 11 hectares. To see all the animal in one visit is really a challenge. Together with its sister park Planckendael, Antwerp Zoo houses over 7,000 animals of about 950 species.

The gala dinner will be held in the Marble Hall, the historical heart of the meeting complex of the Antwerp Zoo: a splendid space dominated by 20 impressive marble columns that rest upon bronze socles and prop up a high ceiling of pure Art Nouveau style. The Belle Époque atmosphere still lingers here. The Winter Garden, a late 19th-century architectural highlight where you can see hundreds of butterflies flutter during the spring and summer seasons, will also be exclusively open for the conference delegates during dinner.