Contests during the conference

During the conference 2 contests for young scientists will be organized :

Young Speaker Contest

  • Only PhD students or young postdoctoral researchers with not more than 5 years of professional experience after their PhD are admitted to the contest
  • The presentation has to focus on the own scientific work of the candidate and the work should not have been honored by the BPS before
  • 15 minutes talk in front of the plenary audience (plus 5 minutes of questions)
  • To enter this contest, send an abstract, CV and list of publications to: j.ongena(at); a pre-selection will occur on March 20, 2018 at the Universiteit Antwerpen.
  • Prizes: €750 (best talk), €500 (second best talk), €300 (third best talk)
  • Deadline for application: March 11, 2018 .

Poster contest

  • Only PhD students are admitted to the contest
  • The poster has to be presented by the PhD student in person
  • Only one poster per research group is admitted to the contest
  • To participate, click the corresponding button on the abstract submission form
  • Prizes: €400 (best poster), €300 (second and third best posters)
  • Deadline for participation: March 24, 2018 .


The laureates of both contests will be asked to write an article on the presented subject for the journal of the Belgian Physical Society, BPhy, before receiving the prize.