Organisational plan (updated 27/10/2021)

Please note that the current organisational plan is preliminary and will be subjected to change depending on the epidemiological situation.

For the BES2022 Conference we will work with the Covid safe ticket, which means that there will be no covid restrictions in the auditoriums and catering. You no longer need to wear a mouth mask in the auditoriums and in our catering zone. Participants can therefore fully utilize the networking opportunities during the conference and establish contacts with sponsors, other participants, ...

You must be able to present one of the following certificates:

  • COVID Certificate of Recovery (11 to 180 days after the positive test)
  • Certificate of vaccination (full vaccination + 2 weeks)
  • Certificate of PCR test that is still valid upon entry to the event (validity 48 hours from sample collection)

General agreements:

  • Bring your valid certificate and identity card to the conference (in addition to a mouth mask) - both documents will be requested and scanned by stewards before entering the venue. 
  • You can show your certificates on paper or digitally (via the covid-safe app).
  • Keep your certificate with you for the entire duration of the conference.
  • Respect the rules indicated by the organizer on the way to, around and on the conference premises.
  • The conference organizers do not offer pcr tests.
  • Participants who cannot show a valid certificate, are not allowed to enter the premises.