Plenary speakers

Julie Gehl - University of Copenhagen, Denmark - "Treating cancer using electroporation – understanding mechanisms and implementing clinical applications"

Alexander Kuhn - ENSCBP, France - "Bipolar Bioelectrochemistry"

Lital Alfonta - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel - "Genetic Code Expansion in Bioelectrochemical Systems"

Moh El-Naggar - University of Southern California, USA - "From Single Molecules to Living Electronics: Unraveling Mechanisms of Microbial Electron Transport"

Kylie Vincent - University of Oxford, UK - "Bridging the solid state and solution state with electrochemical structure-function studies of metalloenzymes"

Prize lectures

Giulio Milazzo Prize

Lo Gorton - Lund University, Sweden - "40 Years of Direct and Mediated Electron Transfer."

Luigi Galvani Prize

Erwin Reisner - University of Cambridge, United Kingdom - "Semi-artificial photosynthesis with biocatalysts in photoelectrochemical circuits"

Keynote speakers

Bio(inspired) sensors & diagnostics

Johan Bobacka - Åbo Akademi University, Finland - "Magneto-Hydrodynamic Extraction of Interstitial Fluid for Noninvasive Wearable Biosensing"

Elena Ferapontova - Aarhus University, Denmark - "DNA Electrochemistry and Electrochemical DNA Biosensors for Clinical Diagnostics"

​Microbial electrochemical technologies and electron transport system​

​​Abraham Esteve-Núñez - University of Alcalá, Spain -"Microbial  Electrochemical Technologies (MET) already grew up to play a promising role in the water sector: case studies"


Miriam Rosenbaum - University of Jena, Germany - "Tuning microbial extracellular electron transfer for biotechnology"

Jason Ren - Princeton University, USA - "Can we produce tunable products from microbial electrochemical systems?"​

​Electroporation & biomembrane electrochemistry​

Véronique Préat - UCLouvain, Belgium - "Electroporation for DNA vaccine"

Gintaras Valincius - Vilnius University, Lithuania - "Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy A Tool for Structure and Function Studies of Bilayers Populated with Ion- Conducting Pores"

​Nano technologies & architectures for bio-electrochemistry​

Susana Campuzano Ruiz - Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain - "Bioelectroanalytical (nano)tools: new horizons for detecting immunity, predisposition and triggering of prevalent and unexpected diseases"

Arnaud Chovin - University of Paris Laboratory of Molecular Electrochemistry, France - "Nanoscale Imaging of Bioelectrocatalytic Viral Particles"

​​Bio(photo)electrochemistry & bio-energetics

Inês Cardoso Pereira - Nova University Lisbon, Portugal - "Whole cell and enzymatic catalysis for production of biofuels"

Invited speakers

Bio(inspired) sensors & diagnostics

Fabiana Arduini - University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy - "Paper-based (bio)sensors as smart and sustainable point-of-care devices"​

​Microbial electrochemical technologies and electron transport system​

Julea Butt - University of East Anglia, UK - "Biomolecular Wires for Electromicrobiology and Liposome Microreactors"


Buz Barstow - Cornell University, USA - "What could the efficiency of electromicrobial production be?"

Jo Philips - Aarhus University, Denmark - "Insights Into The Interactions Of Acetogenic Bacteria With Cathodes During Microbial Electrosynthesis"

​Electroporation & biomembrane electrochemistry​

Michal Cifra - Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Czech Academy of Sciences - "Effects of intense electric field on structure and function of proteins"

Slawomir Sek - University of Warsaw, Poland - "How ionophore-valinomycin enters and transports K+ across a model bilayer lipid membrane"

​Nano technologies & architectures for bio-electrochemistry​

Nicolas Plumeré - Technical University Munich, Germany - "Bioelectrocatalytic Films for H2 Evolution and CO2 Fixation"

​Bio(photo)electrochemistry & bio-energetics​

Lars Lauterbach - RWTH Aachen University, Germany - "Electro-driven production of substituted N-heterocycles via an artificial enzymatic cascade"

Sessions & Organizers

  • Bio(inspired) sensors & diagnostics
    • Key words: Biosensors in bioanalytical systems; Enzyme based sensors; DNA & miRNA sensors and amplification strategies; Biomembrane-mimetic sensors; Paper based diagnostic platforms and devices; Wearable and ingestible devices; Targeted drug delivery and theranostics; Micro- and nano-biosensors for in-vitro and in-vivo diagnosis and monitoring; Sensors for microbial/viral diagnostics; Biomimetic receptor based sensors (e.g. MIPs and aptamers); Potentiometric sensors
    • Panel members: Edmond Magner, ​Pankaj Vadgama, ​Cecilia Cristea, ​Ilaria Palchetti, ​Rocio Canovas Martinez
  • Microbial electrochemical technologies and electron transport system
  • Bio-electrosynthesis
    • Key words: Microbial electrosynthesis; enzymatic electrosynthesis; Electrofermentation; Enzymatic sensors; Electrobiorefinery
    • Panel members: Deepak PantSerge Cosnier, ​Falk Harnisch
  • Electroporation & biomembrane electrochemistry
    • Key words: Biological membranes and their simple models (free and supported lipid membranes), lipid nanoparticles. Structure of membranes, functions, dynamics, biophysical characteristics. Permeability, ion and molecular transport across membranes, fusion, membrane protein functions Electroporation of cell membranes, electrochemotherapy,  gene electrotransfer, membrane damage and repair  mechanisms. Interactions of drugs, pollutants, toxins with cell membranes and biomimetic membranes
    • Panel members: Marie-Pierre Rols, ​Renata Bilewicz
  • Nano technologies & architectures for bio-electrochemistry
    • Electrochemically coupled methods (optical, spectroscopies, microscopies...); Nanoscale interfacial architecture; Nanoparticles; 2D materials; Nano-objects; Biosensing; Surface modifications
    • Panel members: Thomas Doneux, ​Fred Lisdat, Sabine Szunerits
  • Bio(photo)electrochemistry & bio-energetics
    • Key words: Fundamental mechanisms of ET; Protein electrochemistry; Nanomaterials for bio(photo)electrochemistry; Protein engineering; Enzymatic fuel cells; Biocatalytic                         cascade; Biohybrid systems
    • Panel members: Elisabeth Lojou, Julea ButtNicolas Plumeré

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