Universiteit Antwerpen - Stadscampus

venue location of BES 2022

Opening reception

The wonderful 16th-century Hof van Liere and the adjacent historical premises, which were erected by the Society of Jesus in the 17th century, are an oasis of tranquillity in the bustling city centre.

This ‘regal residence’ was built in 1516 for the then Mayor of Antwerp, Aert van Liere. The city had just entered its golden age, as this exquisite building in the Brabantine Gothic style testifies.

Conference dinner at Grand Café Horta

The iron trusses of the former "Volkshuis" in Brussels were updated and given a new life as the room's structure. They give the "Art Nouveau Room" and the "Grand Café" a museal function.

HORTA, situated in the fashionable heart of Antwerp, is an excellent location for a conference dinner and afterparty!