CiNaPS 2018

Causality in the Neuro- and Psychological Sciences 2018

19-21 September, 2018. University of Antwerp, Belgium

The deadline for registration has ended.

Causality is one of the key concepts that require clarification if we want to understand scientific practice. Causal knowledge is useful for prediction and scientific explanation and is indispensable when we endeavour to intervene in the world. Causal relations are ubiquitous, but sometimes hard to discover. This holds for science in general, and for neuroscience and the psychological sciences in particular.

Questions relating to causality can best be answered in an inter- and transdisciplinary way, involving researchers from as many scientific disciplines as possible. This, at least, is the view underlying the ‘Causality in the Sciences’ (CitS) conference series. Therefore this conference aims to bring together philosophers and scientists to explore the notion of causality at the interplay of the neurological and psychological sciences. We invite submissions on a wide range of topics, including:

  • The nature of causality in the neuro- and psychological sciences.
  • The methods used to test for causal relations in these disciplines.
  • The roles of evidence and theory in grounding causal claims in the neuro- and psychological sciences.
  • Empirical (cognitive, neurological, …) studies into actual causal reasoning.
  • What philosophers can learn from neuro- and psychological scientists’ perspectives on causality, and vice versa.
  • Causal modeling (including machine learning and AI) in relation to the neurological and psychological sciences.
  • The relation between the topics of causation and of extended/ embodied/ situated/ enactive/… cognition.
  • The relation between neurological causation and causality in the psychological sciences.
  • The (im)possibility of inter-level causal relations in relation to these sciences.
  • Causality as it relates to reduction and other inter-theoretic relations.




  • 15th May 2018: deadline for submissions
  • 15th June 2018: notification of acceptance
  • 1st August 2018: deadline for early bird registration
  • 1st September 2018: deadline for late registration
  • 18th September 2018: preCiNaPtic workshop
  • 19th-21st September 2018: conference