Student competition

Each Citylab institution has selected a student team of 4 students who were involved in the Citylab module to represent their institution during the online Citylab student competition on October 1.

The student teams prepare a video of maximum 3 minutes to introduce their project and learning experience, and 2 posters: one poster focuses on the learning experience and the PBL approach used in the Citylab course; while the other poster illustrates the results of the course: the final student project. Download the poster template here

Virtal Student Exhibition
Until de day of the online jury (between Monday 24/09 - Thursday 01/10), all participants can check out the student projects online and post questions and comments (via Miro). At the same time, the public can vote for a student team who should win the Public’s Favourite Prize. Go visit the Virtual Student Exhibition. 

Online Jury
The student team will receive a timeslot to go live in discussion with the jury and answer their questions. Each project will be evaluated by an international and interdisciplinary jury based on the video, posters and an online Q&A. Afterwards, the jury will evaluate and select the winning team.

The Jury Prizes will be awarded during the international session on Friday October 2. 


Admission Requirements

  • The teams are composed of maximum four members
  • ​​Each team can be composed of:
    • (Under)graduate students.
    • Enrolled students during the eligible period of the project (September 2019 - June 2020).
    • Students from different study programs
  • Each team member should have participated in the PBL Online training for students (read more on the PBL online training here)
  • The student project has to be developed during the eligible period of the Citylab project 
  • Each student team is selected by the responsibles at their institution 
  • Each student team has to be registered through the website with a recommendation of the responsible teacher

Student deliverables

  1. Each team has to submit a short video (3 minutes maximum) explaining their project and learning process. For inspiration, you can check out the videos of our Citylab Student Competition of the Latin American Citylab project in 2018:
  2. Each team has to submit two posters (landscape A4) and present these during an online jury on October 1. One poster is for the content of their project and the other will address the learning approach and experience during the Citylab course.  Students are free in the design of their posters but they should use the template provided on this website. (They may create their posters in other programs and paste the result in Powerpoint afterwards). In the template are some guiding questions for the topics to be illustrated in the posters. Download the poster template here

The video and posters should be send to by September 21 the latest.  


  • Each project will be evaluated based on their submitted video and posters. The student team will present their project online and answer questions of an international and interdisciplinary jury on October 1.
  • After observing the projects, the jury will have a discussion and select the winning team(s) according to the competition criteria (see below)


Each project (both video and poster presentation) will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary jury based on the following criteria:

1. (Problem Based) Learning process

2. Interdisciplinary work

3. Collaboration with local stakeholders

4. Sustainable Development Goals

5. Relevance for the Caribbean region (for Caribbean students only)

Each criteria has the same weight in the final evaluation of the projects.