Welcome to the Museum to Scale! 

We are students from the University of Antwerp currently finishing our third bachelor in Conservation-Restauration. During one of our courses called audience engagement, we were tasked to create personal audio experiences for the rooms within the museum to scale. 

Imagine that all of a sudden you are 25 centimeters tall. You will now walk through more than a hundred museum rooms on a small scale. You notice that this is not your typical white room museum with paintings on the walls and spacers before them. The rooms can be walked through all at once. 

Ronny Van De Velde, a brilliant art collector, came up with the first idea but the project was completed by the artist Wesley Meuris. Van De Velde took his inspiration from the famous book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, where Gulliver finds himself as a prisoner of a race of tiny people who are 6 inches tall, after a shipwreck. This museum travels around the world from Florida to now Brussels. Let the Belgian based artists guide you here in Antwerp through symbolism, surrealism, photography, abstract and minimalistic art and more.

Scan the code to begin your journey. Enjoy!