About Antwerp

Antwerp is an atypical metropolis in the heart of Europe. Despite its relatively humble proportions, it boasts the biggest port area in Europe and its vast offering of cultural, historical and culinary delights is enhanced by more than 170 nationalities. Antwerp embraces heritage and innovation, business and leisure, global ambitions and a genuine concern for nurturing a highly enjoyable quality of life for residents and visitors.
There’s much more to Antwerp’s cultural repertoire than Rubens masterpieces, museums and architecture. The Antwerp design sector puts on a yearly basis more big names to the forefront via its Faculty of Design Sciences. The Antwerp fashion scene is revered just as much as the ones in Paris and New York. The city’s diamond trade has created its own, truly unique tradition of jewellery design. This melting pot of creativity infuses the city streets with a bubbling atmos- phere and a lust for life.

About Flanders

Centrally located in Europe, Flanders is an economic hub in the middle of one of the world’s highest concentrations of people, money and industries. Innovation is deeply embedded. The region takes a leading position in numerous key industries and has strategic research centres, renowned universities, state-of-the art infrastructure, the latest technology and a highly skilled workforce.


Cumulus Antwerp