Because of the long time-gap between the Call for sessions for the 2020 conference in 2019 and the Conference in 2022, a new Call for Sessions and a new Call for Papers has opened on 1 May 2021 and will run until 14 November 2021 (last extension), so new research and new researchers get the opportunity to present their findings or plans to their peers at the conference. 

  • Sessions will already contain all indiviudal papers. Both continued as new sessions on any topic of Urban History are welcome.  Session spokespersons are responsible for adding the session including all papers. Click HERE for the online form and more details.
  • Papers not belonging to a session can be added by first authors and have to deal with Inequalities and the City. These papers will be assigned to brand new sessions by the organizers. Click HERE for the online form and more details.


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