Instructions for session organizers

Sessions 2022

  • All sessions accepted in the 2020 Conference will be given the opportunity to re-apply, and can and will be put on the programme of the 2022 Conference
  • New sessions on any topic of urban history are welcome
  • Session proposals already contain all papers that will be presented within the session
  • Call from 1 May to 14 November 2021 (contains further details)​

Preliminary meetings 2021

  • We encourage the 2021 spokespersons to organize preliminary meetings, preferably around the time the conference had to take place early September 2021
  • ​We offer our website for announcement of these ‘spin-off’ meetings, the further organization and logistics are up to the organizers. We do not offer an online platform
  • We will contact you for more details in order to make the announcement (e.g. timing and participation link/registration)