Instructions for spokespersons

  • Spokespersons are in charge of the organization of their session and communication towards paper presenters
  • EAUH2022 will not gather full papers, it is up to the spokesperson to collect those from the authors (at a self-defined deadline)
  • EAUH2022 will not publish any papers, we will only post abstracts online on our conference website
  • Spokespersons register via this form

Instructions for paper presenters

  • Full papers will be sent to the spokespersons directly, contact your spokesperson for the concrete deadline or questions regarding future publication
  • Paper presenters (if not having applied for a bursary) register via the same form

Instructions for bursaries

  • Bursary application is closed
  • Bursary applicants have been informed on the acceptance or rejection on May 30 2022
    • Accepted bursaries have received an email with a link to the 'bursary registration form', their participation is only valid after filling in the form.
    • Rejected bursaries are of course welcome at the conference, they can register via the regular registration form