The Ordinary General Meeting of the EAUH will be held during the EAUH 2022 Antwerp conference on Thursday, 1 September at 18:30–19:30.

  1. Agenda of the Ordinary General Meeting
    1. Opening by the EAUH president
  2. Recognition of the legality and quorum of the meeting
  3. Appointment of the meeting’s chairperson and secretary
  4. Appointment of two tellers and two scrutinisers of the minutes
  5. Acceptance of the agenda
  6. Presentation of the annual reports by the EAUH secretary, financial statements by the EAUH treasurer and the statement of the auditors by the GA president
  7. Approval of the financial statements and discharging the board from liability
  8. Presentation and approval of the operating plan  by the EAUH secretary,  the budget by the EAUH treasurer, and membership dues by the EAUH president
  9. Selection of the members of the board
  10. Selection of two auditors
  11. Other incoming themes and issues
  12. Closing