Gala Dinner

Concert Hall of AMUZ

The Gala Dinner will be held on Friday 19 May in the concert hall of AMUZ, in the historical city centre and within easy walking distance from the university. The dinner starts at 7.30pm.

The current concert hall of AMUZ was once the monastery church of the Augustine monks. This order established itself four hundred years ago in Antwerp, where they were given the building of a recently vacated brewery in the Everdijstraat. Seventy years later, through acquisitions of surrounding properties and renovations, the monks were able to extend the monastery to the entire region between the Everdijstraat, the Kammenstraat, and the Oudaan.

The 17th century baroque St. Augustine Church is now used as a concert hall, with a programme 'inspired by the criteria of Historically Informed Performance'. 

Gala Dinner

AMUZ Concert Hall
Kammenstraat 81
2000 Antwerp